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What we do

About Qurban Foundation

About Us

Since 2008 Qurban Foundation (in conjunction with Madina Halal Meats Australia) has been able to help thousands of needy and impoverished people around the world by providing Qurban, Aqiqah and Sadaqah distribution on your behalf.

Our network of sincere and dedicated contacts have taken this Amanah upon them and are able to reach the most remote areas in poor countries.

With Allah (SWT) as our witness, we at Qurban Foundation have taken upon ourselves the requirement to perform this act of sunnah according to the strict Sharia rules. This is done by ensuring all requirements have been met; such as the correct aged animal, the method of slaughter, the timeframe and distribution to the most poor and destitute recipients.

The board of Qurban Foundation wishes to perform this act with full sincerity and professionalism on your behalf as well as to ask Allah (SWT) to accept this act of worship.

What is Qurban Foundation

Qurban Foundation mainly serves for muslim community allover the world whereby they can conveniently obtain our service for all their Qurban, Aqiqah, Ramadan Eftar, Nazer and Sadaqaheds. Our service is conducted everyday throughout the year. For years, we have been serving our muslim brothers and sisters in much faster way and bring convenience to them in conducting their islamic deeds.

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Qurban foundation is a really good idea, it made giving qurban much easier by using easy steps, try it now and mutiply your reward ...
Sami Hashim - Melbourne

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